Penn State Congratulates the Utes!

Discussion in 'Ute Fans General Discussion Forum' started by Les from Maine, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Way to show all those media neighsayers that you have a legitimate National Title contender. That was quality football last night.

    As a Penn Stater, I understand the frustration inherent to the polling system of Division IA football. Penn State went undefeated in 1968, 1969 AND 1973 without being recognized for even a share of a National Title. Even as late as 1994, Penn State fielded an undefeated team that got snubbed for a National Title. That sucks.

    Likewise, you guys deserve every consideration. It's not easy going undefeated in Division IA football no matter how you look at it.

    The Nittany Lion nation salutes you. You are just as deserving of National Title recognition as the USC squad that beat us on New Year's Day. Would love to see a home and home against you guys in the future.


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